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Now in Romania you can buy a remedy for foot fungus - Fungostop Plus. The cream based on herbal ingredients successfully fights the pathogens of fungal infections and restores dermal tissues damaged by mycosis.

How to buy Fungostop Plus cream

The product can be ordered on the official website, where all the necessary information is available, as well as the application form. Currently Fungostop Plus has a big discount of 50% and the cost of funds is only 169 L. Enter your phone number and name, and our manager will call you to clarify the details of the order.

Doctors recommend Fungostop against mycosis of the feet

Every other person in one form or another has encountered fungal diseases, including athlete's foot. The causes of fungal infections enter the body in different ways, causing changes in the skin of the fingers, nail plates and hair. Fungi are often accompanied by complications that can lead to serious consequences, which is why it is so important to prevent and treat fungal infections. in Romania, Fungostop Plus is considered one of the best medicines - a cream for fungus on the feet and toes.

Fungostop Plus cream for the treatment of foot and toe fungus: about the product

Dosage form Fungo Stop Plus is a white or yellowish cream with a light, non-greasy texture and a specific scent. The drug is intended for external use for the prevention and treatment of fungal infections of the feet caused by fungi that affect the fingers, nails and skin. Fungostop + has a unique formula, thanks to which all components have a complex effect on fungal cells. The composition is completely safe, does not contain allergens and does not cause damage to other organs. Packaging - 80 ml plastic tube with screw cap.

How the gel works against fungal infections Fungostop Plus

Mycoses of the feet are caused by parasitic fungi and are very difficult to treat due to the rapid growth of the lesions. Another problem is that the occurrence and development of fungal infections can take place in different ways and require diametrical methods of treatment. The fungus can also appear in numerous diseases - diabetes, varicose veins, as well as in a weakened immune system. If left untreated, the fungus spreads to other areas, poisoning the body. As a result, the person develops allergic reactions and various pathologies. The types of mycoses are shown in the table:

Type of mycosis The nature of coverage Illness
Keratomycosis Only the stratum corneum of the epidermis is affected Ringworm pityriasis (multicolored), erythrasma, piedra
Dermatomycosis It covers all layers of the epidermis, as well as nails and hair Trichophytosis anthroponous / zooantroponous, microsporia, favus (scabies)
Deep mycoses All layers of the skin are affected, the transition to internal organs is possible Actinomycosis, chromomycosis, mycetoma, cryptococcosis, onisomycosis (nail candidiasis)

Fungostop Plus cream against athlete's foot differs in that its components penetrate the very structure of the fungus, destroying it, leading to the death of fungal cells. The nutrient medium of the fungus itself is removed, metabolic processes and sweating are normalized. In addition, the active substances suppress inflammatory processes, relieve itching and pain, and accelerate the healing of areas of skin affected by mycosis. The peeling properties of the cream also contribute to this, because the keratinized layers of the dermis are removed. Some components accumulate in the cells, preventing re-infection.

Advantages of Fungostop Plus antifungal cream:

Fungostop is effective against all types of mycoses

Clinical studies of Fungostop Plus cream

After the creation of Fungostop Plus, clinical studies were conducted on the basis of an independent laboratory, with the participation of more than 100 people with mycoses of the feet and toes in different stages. After 30 days of treatment, 98% of subjects showed a positive trend, of which 87% were completely cured. All subjects noticed that the drug begins to act immediately, significantly relieving the condition of the skin, relieving itching. No side effects or reactions were observed. According to the test results, Romania has approved the sale of mycosis cream.

The composition of the cream against mycosis of the feet and toes

The unique formula Fungostop Plus combines components obtained from medicinal plants, which in antiquity were known for their beneficial effects on fungal skin. The composition of the cream includes:

Order mycosis cream Fungostop Plus on the official product website. There is now a grace period with a 50% discount and you can buy the product for only 169 L - what is the price in another country. To order, enter your name and phone number in the application form and wait for the consultant's response to clarify the package number and delivery address (delivery price depends on the city). No prepayment is required. Goods are paid by mail upon receipt.

Doctor's review

Doctor Dermatologist, mycologist Alex Alex
Dermatologist, mycologist
20 years
Mycoses are dangerous in their consequences, especially in the advanced stage, so I prescribe Fungostop Plus to my patients with certainty, which not only cures, but also prevents the recurrence of these unpleasant diseases. Its advantage is versatility. The cream penetrates deep into the epidermis, first localizing and then destroying the causes of fungal infections and repairing damaged tissues. Now in Romania there is no more effective natural remedy than Fungostop Plus.